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Ceramic veneers: contact lenses and fragments PDF

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Paula Cardoso e Rafael Decurcio


    Ceramic veneers: contact lenses and fragments PDF 

    A comprehensive guide on ceramic veneers
    This e-book aims to present a work philosophy whose foundations are on clinic protocols based and stablished over literature on ceramic veneers, leading to a better comprehension of planning and execution of a aesthetic-functional rehabilitation, promoting the excellence in outcomes and professional ethics.

    It presents the current state of the art in dentistry and set the foundations to the aesthetic rehabilitation, approaching essential matters such as aesthetic principles and planning process.

    Supported by a large number of clinical cases, it explains and illustrates all the steps towards a full aesthetic rehabilitation in a high quality digital publication.

    Want to know more? Go ahead and see inside. Alternatively, you can check out the spanish and portuguese versions.

    Table of contents
    Section I. Initial
    Chapter 1. A new age in dentistry
    Chapter 2. Aesthetic principles
    Chapter 3. Shade selection and reproduction in ceramic veneers
    Chapter 4. Aesthetic rehabilitation planning

    Section II. Before
    Chapter 5.1. Orthodontics as a differential for pretreatment ceramic veneers
    Chapter 5.2. Periodontal plastic surgery
    Chapter 5.3. Tooth bleaching
    Chapter 5.4. Occlusal plastic restorative therapy

    Section III. Implementation
    Chapter 6.1. Preparation for ceramic veneers
    Chapter 6.2. Ceramic fragments
    Chapter 7. Ceramic Systems
    Chapter 8. Impression taking for ceramic veneers – the essence of communication
    Chapter 9. Provisional restorations for ceramic veneers

    Section IV. Cementation
    Chapter 10. Dental adhesion
    Chapter 11. Resin cements
    Chapter 12. Cementation

    Section V. Follow-up
    Chapter 13. Maintenance
    Chapter 14. Failures of ceramic veneers
    Chapter 15. Before and afte 

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