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Clinical Aspects of Dental Materials Fourth Edition

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by Marcia Gladwin RDH EdD (Author)


    Clinical Aspects of Dental Materials Fourth Edition

          by Marcia Gladwin RDH EdD (Author)

    This book is a comprehensive, yet user-friendly, and clinically focused text on materials for dental hygiene that logically presents the theoretical aspects of materials while also making the clinical application to best prepare students to handle materials. The text's unique strength is its outline approach to presenting materials information.  This outline approach, consistent with the format of Wilkins, is preferred by the market because it is clear, to the point, and concise. 
    Clinical Aspects of Dental Materials also incorporates useful chapter features, but no fluff, case studies, and skills checklists that can be used in the laboratory portion of the course.


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    • Series: Clinical Aspects of Dental Materials
    • Paperback: 528 pages
    • Publisher: LWW; Fourth edition 
    • Language: English
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