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Risks Endangering Bone Stability Around an Implant

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Dr. Georg-H. Nentwig


    Risks Endangering Bone Stability Around an Implant

    The risks that endanger bone stability around an implant can be related to trauma, loading, anatomy, implant, reconstruction, or the patient. This lecture will provide hints and scientific background about each one of these aspects so that you can manage and even avoid these risks.

    Bone stability is the key for long-term success of an implant. But, there are two areas that must be identified in maintaining this stability. We will emphasize the importance of the implant abutment area where the bone is adjacent to the soft tissue. This bone is critical for supporting the soft tissue and for ensuring the health of the soft tissue and avoiding bacterial contamination.

    This lecture will show you what you can do to improve a weak bone to avoid an early functional mistake or failure of the total reconstruction. We figured out that we can add, after the static phase, after the second stage surgery, after the load has started, a bone training phase that can improve the original weak structures so much that you can rely on it's stability even if you apply a more risky restoration.

    We will discuss how to avoid esthetic failues, an unpleasent situation for both the patient and the dentist, that are often due to lack of bone right from the beginning.

    Finally we will discuss the option to place an implant in a sub-crestal position which is only possible if you use an implant that has a stable cone connection. The cone connection will avoid any bacterial release, and will therefore avoide any bone loss in the cervical region caused by this bacteria contamination. With this concept we can achieve long lasting esthetic results.


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