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Ebook Atlas of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Periodontal Surgery 3rd Edition

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by Edward S. Cohen (Author)


    Ebook  Atlas of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Periodontal Surgery 3rd Edition

    by Edward S. Cohen  (Author)

    The third edition of the Cohen Atlas is fully redesigned and expanded to reflect the state of the art and science in periodontic surgery. Each procedure is presented in a step-by-step methodology, and is supplemented by clinical case examples now enhanced with thousands of full-color images and illustrations. The new edition is more hefty, with new chapters and as with earlier editions Dr. Cohen succinctly outlines the advantages, disadvantages, and related challenges for each procedure. The goal of the atlas is to teach the novice, upgrade the skills of the average clinician, and act as a reference source for the experienced clinician. SPECIAL FEATURES Five new chapters in a section on Anterior Tooth Exposure discuss diagnosis to passive eruption 3000 clinical photographs 300 original color drawings

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