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Ebook Biological Mechanisms of Tooth Movement 2nd Edition

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by Vinod Krishnan (Editor), Ze'ev Davidovitch (Editor)


    Ebook Biological Mechanisms of Tooth Movement 2nd Edition

    by Vinod Krishnan (Editor), Ze'ev Davidovitch (Editor)


    Biological Mechanisms of Tooth Movement, Second Edition is an authoritative reference to the scientific foundations underpinning clinical orthodontics.

    Led by an expert editor team and with contributions from an international group of contributors, the book covers key topics including bone biology, the effects of mechanical loading on tissues and cells, genetics, inflammation, tissue remodeling and the effects of diet, drugs, and systemic diseases. Highly-illustrated throughout, this second edition has been fully revised, updated and expanded to new developments in genomics, rapid orthodontics and current controversies in tooth movement research.

    Trainees, qualified specialists and researchers in orthodontics can rely on this comprehensive text to inform them about the clinical and scientific implications of the biological mechanisms involved in the movement of teeth.


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    • Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell; 2 edition (April 27, 2015)
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