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Ebook Cosmesis of the Mouth, Face and Jaws 1st Edition

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by Steven A. Guttenberg (Editor)


    Ebook  Cosmesis of the Mouth, Face and Jaws 1st Edition

    by Steven A. Guttenberg (Editor)

    Cosmesis of the Mouth, Face and Jaws provides a unique, whole-face approach to cosmetic procedures, focusing on oral, facial and gnathic components. Covering the core repertoire of cosmetic facial and dental procedures, including oral and maxillofacial surgery, cosmetic dentistry, prosthetic dentistry, orthodontics, head and neck surgery, plastic surgery, dermatology and more, this landmark text offers thorough and pragmatic clinical guidance in each area, as well as discussion of the relevant biological and scientific background, evidence (where available) and detection and avoidance of complications.

    The first book on facial cosmesis written by numerous experts in various specialties, Cosmesis of the Mouth, Face and Jaws acts as a cornerstone for those studying and expanding repertoire into this vast and absorbing area. Clear and precise text is accompanied by a wealth of clinical illustrations and photos in full color throughout, making this a must-have reference for oral and maxillofacial surgeons, specialists, dental and medical students, residents, clinicians and all practitioners interested in facial cosmesis


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