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Ebook Dentures: Types, Benefits & Potential Complications

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by Tibor Karoly Fabian (Author)


    Ebook Dentures: Types, Benefits & Potential Complications

    by Tibor Karoly Fabian (Author)

    This work is an edited collection of miscellaneous chapters from the huge field of prosthetic dentistry, about dentures, and their types, benefits and potential complications. Besides most frequently discussed related topics of the field, this edited collection also includes some chapters dedicated to rarely reviewed research areas like preprosthetic orthodontics, brain correlates of wearing denture, psychosomatic aspects of prosthetic dentistry, denture related microbiology and the use of mind-body therapies, physicotherapies as well as complementary and alternative approaches for prosthetic dentistry, which may supply a great want. This book gathers and presents data on the leading edge of prosthetic dentistry. (Imprint: Nova Biomedical)


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