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Ebook Essentials of Orthodontics 1st Edition

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by Aravind Sivaraj (Author), A. Venkatesan (Foreword)


    Ebook Essentials of Orthodontics 1st Edition

    by Aravind Sivaraj (Author), A. Venkatesan (Foreword)

    This textbook is a comprehensive guide to clinical and surgical orthodontics for dental students. Beginning with an introduction to the history and scope of orthodontics, the following chapters describe growth and development, and different circumstances that may require orthodontic treatment. Diagnosis and treatment planning are discussed in depth, as are the latest materials and appliances, and the mechanics of how these appliances move teeth. Written in clear, easy to understand language, this invaluable resource is highly illustrated with more than 360 clinical photographs, diagrams, tables and flowcharts. Key points * Comprehensive guide to orthodontics for dental students * In depth coverage of diagnosis, treatment planning, materials, appliances and mechanics * Presented in clear, easy to understand format * Includes more than 360 photographs, diagrams, tables and flowcharts


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