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gIDEdental Online Residency Program in Esthetic Dentistry

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    gIDEdental Online Residency Program in Esthetic Dentistry


    Learn the tried-and-true evidenced-based protocols. Understand the underlying fundamentals. Gain confidence at every step. Achieve and enjoy predictably stunning outcomes.

    This is not just a transfer of information, but, rather, 22 engaging, entertaining, and thoughtful lessons covering all the ins and outs of esthetic and conservative minimally invasive restorative dentistry from A to Z…with tips and tricks every step of the way. Includes 30 Hours of brand new online video content and 2 LIVE interactive sessions with Dr. McLaren and 30 CE hours.

    PART 1

    Artistic Principles

    An overview of what is Esthetics and Esthetic dentistry? Contrasted to Cosmetic
    Artistic Principles applied to esthetic Dentistry. Micro vs. Macro esthetics defined

    PART 2

    Esthetic Analysis

    Analyzing the smile. “Macro Esthetics”: Evaluating FACIAL and Oral-Facial

    Oral Esthetics (oral is defined as the relationships of gingival, labial and teeth)

    Gingival esthetics as it relates to Oral esthetics, And Gingival esthetics as it relates only to the teeth i.e. DENTOGINGIVAL esthetics

    Dental Esthetics 1: Inter-relationships of teeth: the esthetics the relationships between one tooth to another, the relation to the form and shape of the gingiva, and the general arch form the teeth create spatially

    Dental Esthetics 2: “micro-esthetics”: Intra-relationships of teeth: the esthetic relationship to width/ length, form, and general texture and reflection patterns of individual teeth.

    PART 3


    • Photography for Dental Professionals 1
    • Photography for Dental Professionals 2

    PART 4

    Photoshop Smile Design

    Photoshop for Dental Professionals
    Photoshop Smile Design Technique

    PART 5

    The Bonded Functional Esthetic Prototype and Restorative Design

    Full Mouth Rehabilitation – Esthetic & Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning

    PART 6

    Contemporary Dental Ceramics: Which Materials For Which Case? When To Veneer? When To Crown? When To Inlay? When To Onlay?

    Clinical Decision Making: When to Veneer Vs. Crown. When to Inlay vs. Onlay. When to Crown vs. onlay. The “Vonlay” concept for conservative minimalistic posterior esthetic reconstruction
    Full Mouth Rehabilitation – Esthetic & Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning

    PART 7

    Minimalistic Anterior and Posterior Adhesive Preparations A to Z. Block out Restorations and Sealing Dentin

    • Minimalistic Esthetic and Restorative Preparation design for Anterior teeth
    • Minimalistic Esthetic and Restorative Preparation design for Posterior teeth
    • Sealing Dentin and “THE BLOCKOUT RESTORATION”

    PART 8

    Contemporary Direct Composite Anterior and Posterior Restorations

    Tooth wear Interceptive & Conservative Treatment Using Composite Restorations
    Bio-Esthetics with Freehand Bonding 2.0

    PART 9

    Shade Analysis and Communication: A little on Laboratory Fabrication Techniques

    Shade analysis and Communication

    PART 10

    Integration Of Digital Into Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry and Introduction Of
    “the Digital Dental Team”

    Introduction of “The Digital Dental Team”
    Dentist Ceramist Communication in a Digital World

    PART 11

    Current Concepts in Adhesion and the Final Touch

    Current concepts in Adhesion and Cementation
    The Final Touch

    Details : 41 Videos , FILE MP4 HD 

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