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Local Anesthesia for Dental Professionals 2nd Edition

Product code : 1452612334

by Kathy Bassett (Author), Arthur DiMarco (Author)


    Local Anesthesia for Dental Professionals 2nd Edition

       by Kathy Bassett (Author), Arthur DiMarco (Author)


    For courses in Pain Control, Local Anesthesia in Dentistry, and Nitrous Oxide Sedation (minimal sedation) in Dentistry.



    Local Anesthesia for Dental Professionals, 2/e provides a user-friendly, primary resource for instructors and students of pain control. This text is appropriate for both dental and dental hygiene students and provides step-by-step instructions that are also useful to practicing clinicians seeking to improve their skills or learn new injection techniques. In addition to the superb illustrations, step-by-step approach, and easy-to-understand language established in the first edition, the new second edition includes both local anesthesia and nitrous oxide-oxygen sedation. , providing a comprehensive resource for students and dental professionals.


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    •  480 pages
    • Publisher: Prentice Hall; 2 edition (July 11, 2014)
    • Language: English
    • Size : 88.5 MB
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