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MCQs for Handbook of Local Anesthesia

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    For students, a good way to test their understanding and knowledge about a particular subject
    and to prepare for exams is to practice using Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). This book on
    MCQs for Handbook of Local Anesthesia has been written keeping in mind the above purpose.
    In this book Elsevier has worked with professional question writers to prepare a collection of
    500 MCQs to accompany the subject matter covered in each chapter of the textbook, Handbook
    of Local Anesthesia, 6th edition by Stanley F. Malamed (ISBN: 978-0-323-07413-1). The style
    of MCQs is three distractors and one correct answer so the student will need to mark the correct
    option accordingly. Each chapter is followed by a feedback section showing the correct answers
    and a very quick rationale why each answer is correct or incorrect thus elevating student’s confidence
    to answer many more MCQs on the subject. Below each rationale, reference to the page
    number of the main textbook, Handbook of Local Anesthesia, is given for the students who want
    to revise or study the particular topic again.
    The aim for the student is to get as many correct as possible, and to revise any subject area
    where the number of correct marks is low. We sincerely hope that students will find the book
    extremely useful. We welcome comments and suggestions from students and teachers, which will
    help in improving this book further.


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